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Seeing the bright side

We love the chance to help build something from the ground up. The opportunity to do the homework, set the scene and base an approach on strategy. So we were very excited to be commissioned by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to re-launch its charitable arm, complete with new identity, branding and taglines. Here’s how the project developed…

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest providers of community, mental health, learning disability and social care services in the South of England. Like most other NHS Trusts, Southern Health has charitable funds, made up of donations from patients, service users, their families and other benefactors, as well as funds from predecessor organisations. These funds are governed by the Trust’s registered charity and are used to improve patient care and experience.


The brighterway logo..!

When Southern Health began its work with Recenseo, it was in the process of re-launching its charity, with the aim of creating a new identity which would inspire staff, patients, service users, families and the wider community to support and get involved with its charitable projects. Southern Health’s long-term strategy for the charity focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of the people it cares for, over and above what the NHS provides, consequently helping individuals to become less reliant on the NHS.

In an initial meeting, the Head of the Charity, Andrew Clark, accompanied by the Head of Supporter Engagement and Development, Carol Beaumont, explained that they wanted Recenseo to help re-launch the charity. Specifically, Recenseo was tasked with helping to build the charity into a successful brand, which could stand alone form the existing Southern Health branding. The work included creating a name, identifiable visual identity, taglines and identifying target audiences. Most importantly, the Southern Health charity was in need of a marketing strategy to help it form a recognisable, consistent and reputable brand.

Recenseo hosted a Strategic Planning and Branding Workshop, which, to ensure that a variety of viewpoints from within the Southern Health team were represented, was attended by several department spokespersons. These included representatives from areas such as Social Care and Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Chaplaincy and Communications. The workshop identified what Southern Health thought were the objectives, values, target audience and messages of the charity and started to unearth what the team wanted from the organisation, including the emotions that the charity’s name should evoke. The Recenseo design team then went on to develop several visual identity options to work in line with the NHS guidelines and appeal to the wider Southern Health team and charities likely audiences.

After a decision to select the name ‘Brighterway’, the visual identity was developed and a range of straplines were presented for consultation with the wider Southern Health team. Targeted messages were developed for volunteers, donors and corporate relations and Recenseo worked to ensure that these were matched with the brand qualities which needed to be promoted in all instances. After selecting the ‘rainbow’ logo, the Brighterway team took the identity and messaging forward to a successful launch in August 2015.

Take a look for yourself….https://www.brighterway.org.uk/

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