14th September 2015 | Ben

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Lead Forensics – breaking the ice

We are often asked how we can help companies maximise the return on investment from Lead Forensics. Lead Forensics provides a view of exactly who is on your website, showing you company name, pages visited, duration of visit and a host of other information about the user. In basic terms it is like a personalised Google Analytics – if that is how you choose to look at it. But you could look at it a different way and consider how you will use this information as a sales tool. After all you now know who is on your website!

As an absolute minimum, Lead Forensics helps you to tailor the content on your site to suit the type of visitor you attract, so if you are enjoying a lot of visits from the education sector, you could feature your work in this sector on the home page and offer a very clear call to action or special deal. Doing this alone will make your website much more effective.

But what if you do go that step further and use it as a sales tool? Here are two recent, live examples of how Lead Forensics has helped us, and one of our clients to break the ice.

1. Recenseo recently hosted a day out at the rugby. We invited a select group of contacts to join us on the day and in a couple of cases, asked them to bring a friend with them (where ‘friend’ equals opportunity for us). One of our contacts duly agreed and gave us the name of the person that would be joining him, along with some background information on his company. Within minutes, our contacts’ contact was on our website, identified by the Lead Forensics desktop tool. We had a choice, we could simply acknowledge the visit for our own info, or we could act on it.

We decided to act and dropped a ‘hello’ email to the contact, saying that we were looking forward to meeting him and that if he needed any more info on us that was not on our website, to just ask. What followed was a nice exchange of emails whereby each side got to know a little more about the other before meeting for the first time on the day of the rugby. It helped to break the ice and also demonstrated how proactive we are as a marketing agency – leading by example.

2. Whilst reviewing a client’s website traffic through Lead Forensics we came across a very specific visit, generated from a very specific search term. The visitor was a major UK retailer whereby the likely target contact would be in a small team based within head office. Whilst Lead Forensics does not give you the name of the visitor, this type of very specific search allowed us to pinpoint the right contact within an organisation of thousands. Using this information we researched the contact and then provided the relevant info to our client who promptly picked up the phone. Within minutes of the decision to follow this lead up, our client was talking to the very person that had recently visited their site. A good discussion followed and suddenly our client has a lead into a major organisation with over 100 stores nationwide. The discussions continue today and are looking hopeful.

So, in short, what can make the difference is not just employing the latest technology, good processes and creative campaigns, but actually using these investments to take the next step with marketing. Don’t just send the campaign, follow it up. Don’t just introduce a new internal comms process, measure its success. And in the case of Lead Forensics, don’t just passively remark on who’s visiting…pick up the phone and break the ice. Find out more about Lead Forensics here…

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