25th June 2024 | Emma

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Will AI Kill the Copywriter?  

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With the latest features of AI technology, many are questioning whether copywriters are going to be affected and possibly out of jobs. And the simplest answer is no – AI won’t kill copywriters. But why is this? Many copywriters will be aware of Google’s March 2024 algorithm update that highlights the importance of high-quality and authentic content, aiming to combat spammy and low-quality content to improve the user experience. 

While AI technology is a fantastic tool that provides great information to assist copywriters, it’s limited in its capabilities and it’s important to remember, that we are the experts! Used to create SEO, social media, or any other type of content, human creativity and the ability to connect emotionally with the audience remain irreplaceable.  

What is AI? 

If you are new to copywriting and require a tool to help spark ideas or enhance your creativity, artificial intelligence (AI) can be incredibly useful. As a marketing agency, we’ve found that while AI can generate text, analyse data, and offer suggestions, it lacks the understanding of context, tone, and emotional intelligence that human copywriters can deliver. 

Yet, rather than seeing AI as a threat, we should view it as a powerful tool that enhances the creative process, enabling us to produce even better and more impactful content.  

How Are Copywriters Using AI? 

So how do we do this? How do we really get the most out of AI to assist with content writing? First of all, you will want to train your tool with accurate research and human signals. The more information you provide, the better AI can tailor its output to meet your needs. 

Provide a job outline, explaining to AI what you actually need it to do. Next, tell AI what you need from its response: is it a short, informal, and creative answer? Or are you asking AI to deliver a long, professional, and in-depth response? Then, provide jargon, including relevant phrases, keywords, and statistics from your own research. Once you have the initial stages of your prompt, make sure to include any omissions, whether that’s avoiding politics or swear words. 

AI can be incredibly helpful for copywriters when researching new SEO keywords and hashtags or outlining long-form content like web page copy or blog articles. However, it’s important to remember that AI-generated content is not unique; it’s based on existing data. Therefore, it’s up to the copywriter to include original insights and conduct their own research for their work. This ensures that the content demonstrates Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T), which are crucial factors in Google’s ranking algorithms. 

The Risks Posed to Copywriters 

While AI copywriting has made significant advancements, it’s unlikely to replace human copywriters. AI algorithms are fantastic when it comes to automating routine tasks and can save a significant amount of time in content generation. However, as mentioned, they lack the emotional intelligence, creativity, and cultural understanding that human copywriters have. 

The main risk posed to copywriters by AI tools such as ChatGPT is their efficiency in delivering basic writing tasks. As AI continues to develop, there is a growing trend towards using it for efficient, data-driven content creation, which could lead to a decrease in demand for traditional copywriters who primarily handle repetitive content. This may cause copywriters to adapt by focusing more on their marketing strategy, which requires human expertise. 

Does Your Business Need a Copywriter?  

We offer various content marketing services to a number of our clients. Whether you give us a few bullet points or a full 500-word draft, we’re prepared to transform your ideas into compelling content that works for you. 

If your business requires regular content, to help you better communicate with your audience, give us a call today. 

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