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Content Marketing

The cornerstone of good marketing is telling your story, and telling it well. Creating content which is relevant, engaging and authentic is the key – so that your audiences are motivated and inspired by the work you are doing and what it is you can offer them. It’s worth remembering that good content is not just about churning out information as part of a tick box exercise; it should provide you with the opportunity play an active part in your sector so that your story matters.

Content marketing covers a huge range of items, from social media updates and blog posts, to newsletters, thought leadership pieces and email marketing, as well as your website and printed material. Your messaging centre is an important part of the creation process, helping set the scene for the language and terms you want to base your content around. It then ensures consistency and clarity of all of your messages.

Some of the ways in which content marketing is most commonly used include:

Web content – creating a website which is interesting for both the visitor and works for search engines is a bit of an art form.Changing algorithms,hitting word counts and flowing in the right proportion of keywords is allpart of the challenge.  

Social media – taking in a range of platforms, it’s important to choose and work on the ones which best suit your business. If you’re B2B, you may need to focus more on LinkedIn than Pinterest! A good strategy here blends your own news, with a social media calendar which shares content from other stakeholders and raises awareness about key issues in your sector.

Blogs – sharing information about your products, services or key developments in your sector can be managed really well with blogs. They also enable you to share your ‘take’ on the news, to help position yourself as a key commentator in your sector. Blogs can be a powerful tool for search too, and if written well provide an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your website.  

Vlogs – in recent years there’s been a real shift in the demand for digital content, with written web pages replaced with video and interactive information. This has been propelled by the pandemic which has created a significant move to video based content which can be accessed and shared through social media and websites. A key step with vlogs is in planning and storyboarding your content to keep it on message, short and sweet!

Adverts – if you’re focused on customer acquisition, paid advertising can be a powerful tool in your marketing kithelping you reach a wider audience, or a new one. Paid adverts can be used across social media, search engines, banners and sponsored content.

Infographics – it’s not just about the words! Infographics are a great option for sharing data and information in a graphical format making them engaging and easy to understand.

Newsletters and magazines – whether digital or print, a good newsletter or magazine provides the chance to share a range of content, build your brand and create more of a connection with your clients and customers. It can also feel like a more natural and organic activity, and can be a powerful tool both internally and externally.

A good content marketing strategy also ensures that your content is re-purposed intelligently and appropriately. A press release for key media should be modified into a relevant web news piece before you add it to your website, and an internal briefing for staff must be carefully tailored to take the same message to your client or customer base.

At Recenseo we aim to flex our content marketing role to fit each client; some have confident writers who are happy to produce a blog that simply needs some ‘nipping and tucking’ and others have detailed technicians who can share the bare bones of an idea which needs copywriting work and careful editing. Whether you prefer to supply us with 3 bullet points or 500 words, we’re ready turn your ideas into a piece of engaging content that works for you.

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