19th November 2015 | Ben

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Why ostriches don’t achieve much…

Whatever sector you are in your opinion matters to your customers. You must have a voice, be part of the argument, and tell things from your side of the table – but it needs to be timely, or it may not matter. It’s no good being an ostrich… We live in a busy, fast moving world, where news breaks and response needs to be speedy.

Traditional marketing could always be accused of being slow to deliver and analyse. Not so these days. Digital channels mean that communication can be instant and measurability vastly improved. There is no need to wait, you can be reactive and quick to respond. The skill is in being confident about your opinion and getting your take on things out there.

Twickenham High Street

Twickenham High Street

There are certain events which particularly lend themselves well when it comes to timeliness. Commenting on national announcements like the UK Budget or new legislation, or remarking on new research or market trends can ensure you are part of the debate. Certain actions can, too, help you set yourself apart. The horror of the Paris attacks earlier this month were sensitively acknowledged by Twickenham High street which had, by the morning after the attacks, replaced all of its usual town flags with the French Tricolore as a mark of respect and solidarity.

When it comes to being timely the key is in knowing and understanding your market sector. So understand what the key themes are, what announcements are expected and plan your research – as much as you can – ahead of the game.

Ultimately do remember that, when it comes to marketing, your strategy is the important thing. But by having your strategy in place and feeling confident about your purpose and values, you can employ an element of carpe diem. We’re not rigid in our approach when it comes to marketing; we encourage our clients to seize the day. Timeliness – being on the ball and ready to act – can help nail so many elements of an effective marketing plan and put your competitors on the back foot.

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