9th May 2014 | Ben

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Step by step guide to branding: Doing it properly

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to take you with us along our journey into rebranding… We are going through the process ourselves and thought we’d note down some key things you should consider when you decide to develop or evolve your corporate identity.

A bit of an intro…
Branding is not just about a logo, a colour or the look and feel of a company. It actually goes deeper than this. It’s about your business and how you do business. Branding is about giving a company (no matter what size) a personality in everything it does. Branding is about expectation and your logo is a visual clue of what people can expect from you.

Involve your team; and even your clients if some are willing and here is your first step.

Recenseo ethos

Recenseo ethos

Step 1 – you need to ask yourself a few questions…

1. Who are you as a company?

  • What are your characteristics; the positive, practical & rational elements of the company?
  • What does your product/ company do/ offer?

So, for Recenseo, we are: marketers, expert, thorough, practiced, experienced, honest, knowledgeable, practical business developers…

2. What is your personality as a company?

  • What emotions should your customer feel about the company?
  • What experience should customers and suppliers have when doing business with you?
  • What can you promise customers?

Recenseo is relaxed, professional, welcoming, friendly, down to earth, proud and reliable. We hope clients feel reassured, at ease, in good hands, that they can trust us and have some fun!

3. What does your brand stand for? What are your values?

  • What’s the company ethos?
  • What do you take pride in?

Recenseo stands for honest, expert and experienced integrated marketing knowhow – and this is what we take pride in.

4. What are your “core” values?

  • What is the single-minded thought that makes the brand tick?

Recenseo cuts the waffle, we don’t just do what a client wants, but actually what they need.

Next steps…
So, once you’ve explored who you are and what you stand for, it’s time to think visually – in our next instalment.

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