29th January 2016 | Ben

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My first week at Recenseo was a sweet one…

Hi I’m Helen Thompson I am currently a student studying Business Studies and Marketing at the University of Chichester here for a 10-week work placement. Here is my take on my first week at Recenseo…

Introductions aside it was straight into my first task, to familiarise myself with the range of clients, bring myself up to speed on which team does what and understand how I could help. On my first afternoon I was included in a marketing meeting for a Health and Safety client… I couldn’t predict on my first afternoon I would be part of a Health and Safety discussion.

I’ve also been able to get stuck into some research for upcoming food festivals and awards for a new client. This has allowed me to see how companies end up attending and promoting their brands at these events.

I’ve also been able to look into the history of hot chocolate and how it has evolved to become the nation’s favourite. This got everyone talking in the office (chocolate always does!) and it’s been fun finding out what is planned for one client in the run up to launching their new ranges for Valentine’s Day.

Working with Recenseo has already opened my eyes on what really goes on inside a marketing agency – it’s certainly not a stuffy office but a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Joining at the start of the year has also helped me to see what is planned for 2016.

This week has allowed me to start to put what I have learnt from university into practice – as we all know theory on paper does not always apply the same way in real life!

By Helen Thompson.


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