20th August 2014 | Ben

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Hi David – We Know You Like This Page

Target Marketing

Informed Target Marketing

Marketing is about appealing to your target audience – those people you want to work with and those people that need or want to work with you.

So isn’t it great that we can now see who has been visiting our website? Here at Recenseo we are all about target marketing and so we are trialling a brilliant piece of software that shows us exactly which companies have been looking at our site, for how long and which pieces of content they like the most. The result is we now know who our site appeals too, which of our own targets have been checking us out and more importantly what interest exists from new prospects, targets that don’t even know they are targets….YET.

So now we have this information, what do we do with it? Well, we use it…. and that is what this post is all about. We know that David, an accountant from Chichester has been keeping an eye on our news page and so we are putting a post up just for him, so he knows that we know…. and now we play a game of chicken to see who breaks first.

Very soon we hope to announce more on the subject of target marketing and hopefully explain more about the software we are using to target our prospects and how you can benefit too. So if you see any other unusual posts on here in the next few days – you will know why.

Watch this space….!

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