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International PR & Marketing push for Sula Clothing…

Sula Clothing AW 2014

Sula Clothing AW 2014

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with  Sula Clothing, a Shoreham-based international clothing designer that produces truly beautiful clothes!

Sula Clothing, established in 2004, appeals to audiences in the United States, Japan and Australia and has a growing client base in the United Kingdom. With ethical manufacturing foremost in the company’s values, Sula is keen to develop its American and British markets further through online sales and via wholesale into smaller designer boutiques.

Sula Clothing Managing Director and Designer Alison Taylor comments: “The Sula brand has remained strong in America over the last couple of years as they recovered from the recession quicker than we did here in the UK, but I’m keen to reintroduce Sula to the British market and I liked Recenseo’s down to earth and practical approach. I feel that their strategic knowledge and no-nonsense approach to marketing will help me on my way and I’m looking forward to working with the team!”

Recenseo Managing Director Ben Cooper, is delighted to be working with Sula and says: “We have developed our reputation as strategic marketing specialists with professional services firms and so we’re excited by this opportunity to help develop Sula Clothing’s position in such a different marketplace. It draws on our combined company experience of the fashion industry and marketing and PR in international markets, so there is a familiarity about the arena Sula operates in.”

We aim to build on Sula’s reputation as well as growing the company’s presence in national, international and trade-specific media as well as online and in social media channels. Further plans have also been drawn up for developing customer communications in both the retail and wholesale markets.

We’re really excited about working with Sula and we’ll keep you posted on progress!

Sleeve top & skirt - AW 2014

Sleeve top & skirt – AW 2014

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