11th May 2015 | Ben

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Are your staff damaging your brand?

Sign-written cars are a great device for getting your brand in front of people. But if they’re driven badly; even illegally or dangerously by a staff member, it’s not so great – and can be more damaging than you realise…

Brand values should be obvious at every touchpoint

Brand values should be obvious at every touchpoint

Am I being a bit sensitive? It depends on how much you value your brand. You could be promising your customers the world – and delivering it in your service, but if that customer then gets cut-up by your van driver on a roundabout, as he swears out of the window and ‘flicks them the bird’… do you think they’ll buy from you again?

The concept of brand management goes beyond the logo and corporate identity. It’s all about the values. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only should you be communicating your values in everything you do; whether via advertising, PR, brochures, uniform, phone contact, an event, customer contact… but you need to make sure your internal marketing is up to scratch too. Have your staff seen the new website? Do they know what the company views are on the latest industry updates? Do they know what you excel at – and what you all need to improve upon? This is a basic marketing update which we should all remember to do.

But it goes further… Once you’ve got your values in place, you need to make sure all your staff and representatives know what they are – and how they should be delivered; what is acceptable and what is not, all in the name of the brand. It’s about creating a sense of cohesion in everything you all do, say, promise and deliver – and your people are the ones who can make or break this.

Your people are your brand ambassadors. They represent you. Make sure they’re honouring your values as much as you do.

If you’re struggling with how your brand is being delivered, give us a call for a bit of #freerangethinking

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