13th July 2016 | Ben

Recenseo News

You’re Hired – Our new apprentice Rafael joins the flock!

After completing an Architecture course for the academic year of 2015-16 at Chichester College, I moved immediately onto an apprenticeship at Recenseo to become the new Graphic Designer. I began shortly after finishing my first year of the Architecture course, leaving myself two weeks to rest and relax.

My first day began by being introduced to the company’s ethos and values. I learnt how the team works and it became apparent it was very similar to the way I worked previously during my academic course. However, I am still yet to learn these techniques as a Graphic Designer.

For lunch, Managing Director, Ben Cooper took Karl Shilbach – the recently appointed Marketing Executive – and I to The Blacksmiths for lunch and some time to bond together outside of work.

When we got back from lunch, we were taught about many of the company’s clients and our roles in relation to those companies. There was a lot of information to digest from this part of the day, but it was necessary, and above all, interesting!

The rest of the week was focused on training and understanding the clients in even greater depth. However, it was not all training, and I was quickly involved in a ‘hands on’ project with an exciting new prospect that requires a new brand identity. Some of the tasks I’ve been undertaking this week include re-designing our website design, editing web banners, creating email templates and much more.

It has been an enjoyable week and I’m confident I’ve progressed in this short amount of time already. I look forward to continuing on my Recenseo journey!

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