11th July 2016 | Ben

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The journey begins for our new Marketing Executive…

We’re delighted to announce our new Marketing Executive, Karl Shilbach. Karl took the time to write a quick piece summarising what he got up to at his first week here at Recenseo.

Upon returning back to the UK after spending a week sailing around Croatia, I quickly found myself starting my first day at Recenseo. As with any new employment, I was filled with a combination of nerves and anxiety. However, these feelings were immediately swapped for emotions of excitement and enthusiasm after meeting the entire team for the first time.


Karl Shilbach joins the team!

The first morning was a gentle induction to Recenseo’s values, ethos, style and much more before being whisked away for a delightful pub lunch by Managing Director, Ben Cooper. Joined by Rafael – the newly appointed Graphic Designer – it was here we all got to find out a little more about each other in a relaxed and informal environment.

Once back in the office, Ben immediately familiarised me with a variety of clients ranging from an industry-leading chocolate manufacturer to a global tax and financial planning group. This instantly brought me up to speed allowing me to partake in the upcoming meeting about our clients’ projects.

Before I knew it I was hitting the ground running learning about PR software, collating and segmenting data, copywriting and playing an active role in writing and sending targeted press releases. Notably, what impressed me most this week was the cohesive nature of training and ‘getting stuck in’ ensuring my first week at Recenseo was intriguing and hard work, but above all, fun.

The week came to close as I undertook further training and internal client briefings, in preparation for day to day client relations, ensuring marketing activation goes ahead in an organised and timely manner over the coming weeks.

So, here’s to a fantastic first week and strangely, I’m actively excited for Monday as I continue on my Recenseo journey!

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