23rd May 2013 | Ben

Recenseo News

We have a Chairman on board!

We are proud to announce that Louise Fenwick – our Marketing Operations Director has been elected Chair of Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

Following a unanimous vote by the newly formed Board of CCCI Ltd, on 21st May Louise Fenwick took over as Chairman of the Chamber, following a four year tenure as Vice President.

The vote took placeLouise with Bling, following the recent transition from a membership organisation to a fully fledged company limited by guarantee – which brought many challenges along the way that  Louise, her predecessor Farid Ahmed and the fellow members of the Executive worked tirelessly to overcome.

Louise Fenwick Chair of the CCC&I says “I’ve enjoyed my time as Vice President; Farid has very much ‘lead from the front’ as they say (I now know what that truly means!) and I feel we’ve made a good team. He with the determination to constantly improve things and me with my constant need to bring everyone along with us!  I thank Farid, too, for putting a number of structures in place during his tenure, which means I can grasp the nettle with both hands and not worry about being stung too much!”

Louise is pleased to be supported by Alan Edmonds and Kerry Kyriacou who have jointly taken up the baton as Vice chairs.

We are very proud of Louise and wish her well in her new journey!



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