14th July 2014 | Ben

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Step by step guide to Branding: Part 3 – The final frontier…

… And here we are. We have arrived… And how thrilled we are!

The journey has been long and fairly arduous, but our childish excitement has kept us going; the music has stopped and we get to open the parcel!

We’ve nipped, tucked, polished and preened and we’re pleased with what we have. It’s very different from what we were, but more in line with how the business has evolved over the last couple of years and we feel it reflects our personalities and approach to marketing well.

We’ve taken the same approach to our rebrand as we do to our clients’; for once, not subscribing to the “cobbler’s children”/ “plumbers bathroom”, etc, etc. You can see the extent of our journey here in part one, where we explored our values as a business and as people and in part two, where we put some visual thought to those values.

We needed a combination of something visually impactful, interesting, flexible and importantly something very different for us as a company, that encompasses what we do.

And here is the big reveal…


The new look Recenseo







We feel the logo properly encompasses our rural location, our relaxed approach to marketing and our heritage.

The concept of the round logo is a good endorsement of what we do – almost like a stamp of approval! However, we have also developed a complementary ‘letterbox’ shaped logo for a variety of applications where the ‘roundel’ wouldn’t work.

Well, what do you think?!

We’d love to hear your thoughts as we wouldn’t be here without our clients, contacts and friends 🙂 So please tell us!

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