8th November 2019 | Ben

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Marketing – It’s a Friday Thing

Emma once worked with a Director who famously wore a special pair of socks when it was ‘marketing day’. As a finance professional, his everyday socks were black, plain – you may even say austere. His marketing socks however, were (by his own standards) loud and garish, exciting and creative. The right item of clothing required to unleash his inner marketer.

But for an increasing number of our clients, marketing has become a Friday thing. I am not sure whether they wear different socks, or it is dress down day in their offices and, like our socks man, this helps unleash their creativity, but come Friday afternoon, the flood gates open…

Whilst I of course welcome a concentrated period being dedicated to marketing, I can’t help but conclude that marketing is the last thing on their list, when it should be the first – shouldn’t it?

Marketing = leads = deals…. Not the other way around.

The other issue I have with Friday afternoon being ‘marketing time’ is how it fits with our own creative flow. Friday afternoon in an agency is mop up and plan for next week time (for mop up and plan see prepare for gin/beer). The last thing anyone wants is for their phone to start pinging at five thirty with countless emails. In fact, I am sure this is not unique to marketing. Nobody wants a ton of work appearing at beer o-clock on FriYAY!

The final element of my concern relates to how this work is received on a Monday. The ebb and flow of productivity across the week is well documented and I would suggest that Monday morning is not the best time for anyone to be at their most creative – (even the 3am waking, gym freaks that feel the need to do videos in the front seat of their car and post them on LinkedIn). I can absolutely assure you that Monday in my world is not ‘up there’ where my own productivity is concerned. I am very much like Garfield in that respect (80s reference).  

My bookkeeper assures me that it is very similar in the world of accounts but surely, marketing trumps accounts – doesn’t it?

So, whilst I appreciate ten percent of the working week being dedicated to marketing effort, please, please for everyone’s sake, can we shake it up a little and maybe, just maybe, chuck the odd Tuesday or Wednesday into the mix. I am happy to buy some socks if that’s what it requires….

Just out of interest, Mr marketing socks retired from his role and became a Justice of the Peace. I can only hope that if I appear in front of him one day that he is wearing his bright socks…

Oh, and the irony of this blog post. You guessed it….. ! Happy weekend.

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