22nd December 2015 | Emma

Marketing strategy

Marketing by numbers

Accountability is our watch word. We love nothing better than proving the worth of marketing. Set us a KPI, ask us about ROI and challenge us about stats. Quite frankly there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a wry smile on an FD’s face when the realisation dawns that the marketing cost really was an investment.

For us the challenge is to create a tangible feel to what we do and how we do it. So it sometimes helps to focus on the end result. And in a nutshell here’s what we’ve produced for just one of our clients this year:

E-shots delivered – 314,770
Website hits – 62,120
Customers interviewed – 24
Staff workshops carried out – 7
Press releases written – 9
Adverts designed – 14
Articles produced – 69

And along the way we have supported the client with ongoing phone calls, update meetings and emails in order to act as a sounding board for everything from window signage to LinkedIn posts. They will leave this year having communicated effectively with thousands of clients, their team of staff and potential clients around the globe. We’re proud to have been a part of their marketing work in 2015.

To kick start your marketing, get in touch with us on 01243 214175 or contact us at the Barn.

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