14th May 2015 | Ben

Web Marketing

The £5k website waste – why bother?

What do you demand for a £5k marketing spend?
Let’s say you’ve got £5,000 to spend on marketing. Typically that could give you a targeted marketing campaign, 3-5 days of exhibition space, six months’ worth of AdWords or a basic website. It’s all well and good investing in marketing but you should always maximise your ROI – including for your website.

A bit of context…
There are two main objectives to consider when investing in a marketing campaign or project: brand awareness and lead generation. Both of these objectives need to work towards achieving your overall company goals – once you’ve set them!

Like everything else in this world (aside from feelings or the earth’s atmosphere) marketing DOES cost money but it’s not JUST a cost. It allows the discovery and identification of potential customers, aids the development of a loyal following and helps to build key relationships. Marketing allows consumers to know what works and what doesn’t and essentially….puts their potential customers right under their noses. Surely that’s an investment?

Cookie monster

Web browsers, cookies and sophisticated spying

The use of user-generated online content has fundamentally shifted the way that we all communicate and this has also shifted the way that it can be measured. With the ever-evolving technological advances of this millennial age we can now track, measure and monitor ROI and the success of marketing – including your website!

Free tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tools indicate your website’s patterns and trends, give figures on engagement, traffic volumes and form entry data. But the analysis can be extended via paid-for tools such as Lead Forensics that determine exactly WHO is visiting your website – clever, we know! Details include company name, size, number of employees, turnover, visit duration, pages visited, type of browser, the operating system and the device used.

However the proof is in the pudding. What you do with that data determines the success and a proper ROI of your website. Collecting the information is only the start. Now you need to use it: re-marketing, picking up the phone, changing your content or tailoring your message on social media.

So, back at you… the data is in your hands. All other £5,000 investments in marketing would come with demands. What are you going to do to make your website worth the investment? See what we mean by viewing the Lead Forensics website.

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