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Branding and Design

Maybe it’s because we are based near the seaside but we always say that branding and identity is like a stick of rock – consistent, whenever and wherever you cut into it. Can you say that about your branding and identity?

Our clients enjoy the support of an agency that knows the difference between brand and identity. One being a way of life, the other a graphical representation. Your identity gets you noticed but your brand is the ethos behind it – the user experience.

It starts with who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it too. At Recenseo we call it immersion. We work with you to get under the skin, agree some key principals and then consider what this looks like in reality, in the product/service and in your delivery.

Immersion is all about:

  • Who you are as a company – exploring your unique characteristics and the products you offer
  • What you represent – looking into your organisation’s personality, what it is you want customers to experience and what you can promise them
  • Your key brand values – determining your ethos, what you take pride in and what makes your brand tick

Identity is then about making you stand out and bringing that brand to life in your logo, your literature, your copy, your tone of voice – online, offline, above and below the line. Basically, creating your very own stick of rock! That’s where our talented graphic designers step in. Those guys are full of creativity and ready to help you bring your vision to life.

So whether you are developing a brand or creating an identity we can help. The first meeting is all about the chemistry and entirely without charge, so come and have a chat.

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