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Board Consultancy

Marketing plays a fundamental role in helping support company strategy. By its very nature it touches every aspect of your business – from internal communications to help keep staff and teams informed and engaged, to driving growth and market penetration. As a result it’s vital that marketing comes to the table in the boardroom.

But what if you feel your Directors don’t understand marketing well enough? Or haven’t got to grips with how important its role is in the organisation? What if your marketing activity just doesn’t seem to be delivering what you need or expect it to?

It might be that individual elements of your sales and marketing plan simply need aligning or there needs to be some application of strategic planning. Or that you need an experienced eye to review existing plans to ensure that the strategic focus of the business remains the driving force behind all marketing activities. Alternatively you may have a competent team in-house who are looking after things operationally but need some strategic input to help ensure success.

Our work with businesses of all sizes can be completely tailored to support you and your Board’s needs. Some of the work may include:

  • Representation at board meetings on a regular or ad-hoc basis
  • Review of all marketing activities
  • Creation of a marketing strategy
  • Development of a costed marketing activity plan
  • Facilitation of strategic marketing meetings
  • Provision of ad-hoc/remote support and advice to in-house marketing team

We would welcome the opportunity to play a part in the future. To discuss your plans please complete our form below or call 01243 214175.

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