11th March 2016 | Ben

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My Week at Recenseo

Louise WhittakerBy St Philip Howard Student – Louise Whittaker

My week at Recenseo has been incredible from start to finish. I was immediately welcomed by bright smiling faces when I first entered the door which was an amazing thing to see as I was feeling so nervous. I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about as Ben reassured me about what was going to happen during the course of the week.

This was obviously a very relaxed environment filled with people that are so passionate about their jobs. I was all of a sudden thrilled that I had managed to find a place that had such a sweet feeling. Everyone would take care of each other like close family but the best part was that everyone has a completely different personality.

Ben has an incredible sense of humour but can still be compassionate when he needs to be, Emma manages to take on piles of work but still with a positive attitude, Louise oversees everyone and takes the motherly role caring for everyone, Georgia has such an admirable way of working I can tell that she really wants to do well (she is succeeding!), Jamie works so hard and such a vital member of the team and last but not least Helen. She brings a light bouncy feeling to the office and she can put light on any situation.

Everyone here is needed to create the functional working system at Recenseo and it has been such a pleasure working here. This week has offered a deep insight to working life and has been such a great learning experience. Even though I have seen that it can be tricky at times they get through it, stronger. I now feel a lot more confident about working in the future and I wish that I could stay for longer!

…no students were coerced in the writing of this post….

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