17th July 2015 | Ben

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Millie’s Week at Recenseo!

Every so often we welcome someone to Recenseo HQ who wants to understand a little about marketing with a view to making a career choice…

So we were delighted when Bishop Luffa student Millie Weaver proactively contacted us, requesting a week’s work experience.  We got her involved in all sorts of things, including client proposals, discussions about marketing strategies and social media, as well as doing some press cuttings for us and even drafting a client press release.  In fact, Millie… you’ve only made one cup of tea this week!!!

In Millie’s words:

Approaching the barn, I felt a wave of uncertainty wash over me, my own internal thoughts firing unanswerable questions at me. Although this whirlpool of unclear emotion was somewhat overpowering, the closer I got to the barn the less scary it became. I began to feel impatient, keen to gain an insight into my future. Excitement flooded my body, as I prepared to soak up every bit of knowledge and insight this week would throw at me.

Millie Weaver on work experience at Recenseo

Millie’s press cuttings service!

If I’m honest, I wasn’t entirely sure where this experience with Recenseo would take me, in fact I wasn’t sure on what I’d be doing at all, it was all completely new to me and that thought intrigued me further. The prospect of learning something new and gaining a whole new experience was the reason behind me joining Recenseo for my work experience, as well as wondering whether marketing was something I would want to do for the rest of my life?

Greeted by an array of smiling faces, any of the previous worries seemed to disperse and I was finally at least sure on one thing: I’d be surrounded by good company! The first day I felt as if I was playing the role of Sherlock Holmes in one of his most intriguing mystery cases… They seemed to talk a language that was completely foreign to me, firing acronyms and assortments of different terminology back and forth at each other. I knew that in order to solve the mystery behind marketing ‘strategies’, I had to first and foremost decode exactly what they were talking about. So I took to Google (after a few days at Recenseo I have learnt that Google is far more complex than just searching something…) and began adding these foreign words to a brand new dictionary stored in my brain.

One of my favourite tasks I’ve had to undertake during my time with Recenseo was drafting a Press Release for a local chocolate company, although I have to admit that writing and describing delicious chocolates for over an hour was a very mouth-watering and hunger-provoking task! Writing the press release was a complete stab in the dark for me and I battled with adding too much ‘emotion’ to the piece and starting to actually write the article for the journalists I’d be sending it to, (which probably wasn’t the best idea – wouldn’t want to be making anyone redundant)! Writing the press release was a learning curve for me and something I enjoyed doing very much, but it is also something I’ve learnt definitely takes practice!

Overall my work experience was extremely valuable and has definitely inspired me to set my goals high in order to be able to do something similar to this one day in the future. So, I’ve managed to answer my question and marketing is definitely something that I am now interested in and look forward to being able to do someday!

Thank you for all your help, Millie!

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