13th November 2015 | Ben

Recenseo News, West Sussex

Fireworks and wellies – what they don’t teach you at university

My first week at Recenseo started with a bang…

Strapping fireworks to a wheelchair wasn’t exactly how I envisaged my first day in a marketing agency, but with a new integrated campaign starting with a national retailer it was all hands on deck to prepare for a photoshoot. The meeting room was quickly converted into a photo studio; chairs were propped on books, fireworks were strapped to a wheelchair and a Zimmer frame was forged out of walking sticks. I was hoping it would make sense soon.

Stuck in the mud!

Stuck in the mud!

I was then told to bring my wellies to work as we were heading to a solar farm. I was soon glad of the advice as we trudged through sludgy mud and treacherous winds to get some pictures of the solar site. It was a relief to be back at the office with a warming cup of tea!

The rest of the week was about as normal as working at Recenseo can be. I was back in the office writing blog posts and news stories whilst keeping up to date with the Christmas TV commercial releases. I have been made to feel very welcome at Recenseo and am enjoying being a part of the team.

I have quickly come to learn that there is much more to marketing than could ever be taught at university.

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