The Client

BillyChip® CIC is a social enterprise platform which aims to empower rough sleepers. It allows people to purchase a BillyChip token from participating food and drink outlets which can then be given to rough sleepers and homeless people as an alternative to cash. They can then redeem the BillyChip for food, drink and other products.

The Brief

We support the BillyChip team to help raise awareness across the South West, the UK and beyond. Initially we created a more consistent approach to all PR activities, setting up press lists and ensuring a regular flow of news and media updates. We also helped raise the profile of the charity with entries to local and national awards which has seen the scheme Highly Commended by Bristol Life and shortlisted for the National Start-Up Awards.

The BillyChip team have been invited to talk on BBC Breakfast, Sunday Morning Live and across local BBC radio stations in the South West. Coverage has been achieved across print media including The Times, Country Life, Bristol Life and Bath Life.

“Recenseo have made a huge difference to BillyChip by using their expertise to connect us to a wider audience of supporters through regional and national media outlets. Ben and Emma effortlessly compile our achievements into simple, easy to digest formats ready for print, spreading our cause far and wide. Being a small team, Recenseo are always on hand to answer any questions quickly – being able to pick up the phone and have 5 minutes of their time is a blessing compared with having to schedule in zooms, check when all parties are free and then reschedule due to unforeseen absences. They make the process of gaining media traction effortless by compiling our work into printable formats ready for the press to jump on. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.”
John Hope, BillyChip CIC

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