23rd May 2016 | Emma

Chichester, Education, Marketing News, West Sussex

Agency Life – Marketing Support for a New Sussex School

Education is an important subject for us. Two of our team are school governors, and as a business we fund a breakfast scheme in a Sussex secondary school, ensuring that disadvantaged children are provided with a meal at the start of the day.

Earlier this year we got the chance to get involved in a project based piece of work with an academy trust to help it communicate plans for a potential new school in Sussex.

Demonstrating a need for a new school is a complex process, and there are a number of hurdles – from proving the shortfall of places to pinpointing suitable sites and properly engaging the local community.

Community enSchools Works Logo Final_RGBgagement is vital, and we were delighted to help Schoolsworks, a local academy trust, to ensure that its plans for a new school in Littlehampton were successfully conveyed to local parents.

After understanding the requirements of the bid process which Schoolsworks had to adhere to we confirmed the key audiences and messages and got stuck in. We got involved designing banners and leaflets, assisting with putting together a comprehensive events program and setting up social media streams. As well as providing help, support and advice to the Schoolsworks Board we wrote website copy and managed all media liaison to ensure local journalists were aware of the Free School plans.

The project culminated in 560 signatures of support for Schoolsworks’ bid.

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